Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Regarding scripts for Minted Poker

I have realised that my post Regarding VTPoker and XPTPoker could be mistaken for an announcement of the release of the scripts for Minted Poker's new software, as I've now gotten new requests from players who, like myself, have been waiting patiently for the update for a long time.

This is just a note to let you all know, that unfortunately the new software hasn't even been implimented yet.

I don't know what's taiking them so long. It should have been released 3 months ago, but I'm hoping that this delay means that there'll be less trouble when they finally do update, as they should have plenty of time to proof run the program.

Again, I have chosen not to give out new scripts while we're waiting for the update, since there's no garantee that the new software will still be accessible. The manager at Minted Poker has promised to work with us again, but since I don't know what kind of changes they're making, I can't say for sure if the potential for accessibility will still be there.

I realise that it's frustrating to wait, but it wouldn't be fair for you to make a deposit one day, only to realise that you're not even able to log in with out sighted help the next...

I would of course have given out scripts Had I known that it would take them this long, but the situation is still the same, they're not saying anything spasific and, they could implement the changes tomorrow, or it could take another 3 months. The release date was set for september 15th after all.

As of right now, all we can do is wait...

I apologize for the incomvenience and, I apriciate your patience.

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