Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bodog support is still ignoring us

We've been trying to contact Bodog support for months now, since their poker client could easily be made accessible, but unfortunately they don't even want to write us back. I know, I know, we can just give up and realise that they're not interested, but we're gonna keep emailing them until they at least have the desency to reply to our emails.
Should you want to help, please send the message below to
Don't forget to include your name.

to whom it may concern,
i am a member of Accessible Poker, who's aim is to make poker accessible to blind poker players. Your game client could be an option for the blind community, if only the wholecards were displayed as text in the chatbox, along with the other actions at the table, which are already displayed as text. That's really all we need to make our screenreader work with your program, a text option for the ´wholecards. We would of course also be able to bring in more players to your network. Is there any chance that you'd be interested in making this minor change to your software?
I would sincerely apriciate any help you could give us in this matter.
Your name:

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